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 sci fi diorama supplies 

Specializing in custom props, vehicles and figures. Kit Bash and Scratch Built are also in the mix.

Scratch Built

Recycled materials are used in the making of the various custom items. It is an imaginative exercise to give old random parts a new purpose.     


Sci Fi concepts have long been a passion of ours. As a child, the older Vechal admired the logic of Spock. For young Vechal it was that first X-Wing fighter he found at a flea market in 1991. 


Our approach is to utilize the materials that are readily available in every day life.  There is a balance to be struck between a plan and the product out come.

Scratch Built

Using basic materials that are unrelated to form a composite piece.

Custom Designs

Many times the original form suggests an alternative use that triggers imagination.

Kit Bash

Repurposing existing products is a goal. It is the addition / subtraction of features related to the original piece.

Recycled Materials

Figuring out how to use the many things at hand is a challenge. The cost of materials is certainly low.


Setting the scene of a diorama is half the fun. Depicting a tone through a slide show  brings you into the set.

Our Vision

Our goal is to enhance the experience of creating an appealing presentation. Unusual materials and applications lend themselves to interpretation.


An assortment of items. set as a scene.

On Safari

Tuff going on the Trash Planet.


An assortment of custom concepts can be found here.

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